Top 5 Health Reads Of The Week – 9/4/2017

Top 5 Health Reads Of The Week – 9/4/2017

Four day weeks give us the free-pass to slack off at work, so here’s a few, good, healthy reading recommendations to distract you from your already shortened workweek.  Enjoy!


Having experienced shoulder issues in the younger years of my life, I really enjoyed reading Jon Habeshy‘s post on avoiding shoulder pain through a workout. This is an outstanding article chock-full-o good warm-ups and assistance exercises for preventing further shoulder pain.  It also serves as a reminder that a bit of pain certainly doesn’t constitute ditching your workout all together.

Lifter’s Guide Through Shoulder Pain


Over and over again, scientific literature constantly reminds us that we can take our health in our own hands by tweaking our nutrition and physical activity habits. If you’re not up for reading the whole manuscript, this press release from summarizes a recent paper from the Annals of Nutrition and Metabolism. The one-bit summary? Consume dietary fats from monounsaturated fat sources (avocados, nuts, nut butters, olive oil, etc.) vs. saturated fat sources (cream, cheese, butter, whole milk fats, fatty meats, etc.).   It may help in naturally lowering cholesterol.

How Dietary Fats’ Impact Healthy or Obese Adults


Recently, I’ve been fiending for large quantities of sushi and a fancy poke bowl.  I’m pretty sure that this was a blessing sent from above!  Cheryl Lang from Lean Green Nutrition Fiend, put together this amazing recipe on how to craft your perfect low-carb, high-protein slice of heaven in a bowl! #foodgasm

Cauliflower Rice Salmon Poke Bowl


Phenomenal article written by Dan Garner at Precision Nutrition.  Although following your favorite website’s nutritional guidance may seem like a good idea, be sure they back up their “belief system” with science.  Nutritional science is continually growing and it seems as if “coaches” willing to dish out internet-advice come a dime a dozen.  When seeking guidance, always be sure to go deeper with meaningful questions as to why these recommendations are being given.

Nutrition Is Not A Belief System

Human Performance Business:

If you’re interested in sports and human performance, this business acquisition may have caught your eye.  EXOS, one of the nation’s leader in human performance training, recently acquired D1 Sports Performance, another giant in the field.  Expect big things from this recent merger.

EXOS Acquires D1


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