Top 5 Health Reads Of The Week – 8/27/17

Top 5 Health Reads Of The Week – 8/27/17

Here’s your health mash-up for the week. Enjoy this week’s top picks to inspire you to constantly pursue optimal health.


This article by Cassie Smith is a must-read for beginners starting on their fitness journey. From training, to diet, to supplementation, Cassie outlines the basics for every female looking to take their health in their own hands. A great-read for men, too!


These 5 take-away tips are a sure fire way to help you stay on track with whatever your fitness goal. Take control of the food you put in your body by creating a long-term approach to nutrition that constantly sets you up for success. Paul Salter, RD, lays the law for great meal prep practices.


Are you tired of the same, mundane breakfast every morning? Explore these healthy, yet tasty, breakfast ideas to keep your mornings interesting! Recipe #8 is a MUST.


Environment design is a big part of willpower. Set up your environment so it is more compatible with habit-forming behaviors. You will be much more likely to succeed.

Designing your environment for optimal success is your responsibility. You can’t blame others for lack of success when you have the means to design your perfect life.

Corporate Wellness:

Ever wonder why companies like Fitbit, Google, and BP are constantly recognized as awesome places to work? One reason: Employee Wellness. Designated nap rooms, Laser Tag outings, Recess Tuesdays, the Walk-To-Brazil challenge, and outdoor playgrounds are some of the ways these innovative companies use their resources to help employees enjoy the most out of their workplace.

Kevin Shields

Kevin Shields is the Head Coach of Kevin Shields Fitness and the creator of the Diabetes Shield. He has helped thousands of men and women fight prediabetes and diabetes through lifestyle coaching. He loves to workout, be outdoors, go on ridiculous adventures, and loves to cook.

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