Top 5 Health Reads Of The Week – 8/21/17

Top 5 Health Reads Of The Week – 8/21/17

Check out the first installment of the “Top 5 Health Reads of The Week.” Here’s a short list of the articles, recipes, podcasts, and other good finds I’ve dug into this week. Enjoy!

Strength Training –

Dave Dellanave dives into the importance of auto-regulating your resistance from set to set. A very important concept to understand that applies to both the beginner and advanced lifter.

Nutrition –

Just like the title insists, one of the most entertaining (and most informative) articles on fat loss the Internet has to offer.

Food –

Like to eat good (and look good)? Get inspired by some of Flavcity’s awesome meal prep ideas.

Mindset –

Phenomenal article written by Ryan Andrews from Precision Nutrition. Your environment is your key to success.

Recovery –

An oldie, but a goodie. The conversation between Danny Lennon (Sigma Nutrition) and Dan Pardi, PhD. is one that will forever change your views on the importance of sleep. An absolute must-listen!

Kevin Shields

Kevin Shields is the Head Coach of Kevin Shields Fitness and the creator of the Diabetes Shield. He has helped thousands of men and women fight prediabetes and diabetes through lifestyle coaching. He loves to workout, be outdoors, go on ridiculous adventures, and loves to cook.

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