Top 5 Health Reads Of The Week – 8/21/17

Top 5 Health Reads Of The Week – 8/21/17

Check out the first installment of the “Top 5 Health Reads of The Week.” Here’s a short list of the articles, recipes, podcasts, and other good finds I’ve dug into this week. Enjoy!

Strength Training –

Dave Dellanave dives into the importance of auto-regulating your resistance from set to set. A very important concept to understand that applies to both the beginner and advanced lifter.

Nutrition –

Just like the title insists, one of the most entertaining (and most informative) articles on fat loss the Internet has to offer.

Food –

Like to eat good (and look good)? Get inspired by some of Flavcity’s awesome meal prep ideas.

Mindset –

Phenomenal article written by Ryan Andrews from Precision Nutrition. Your environment is your key to success.

Recovery –

An oldie, but a goodie. The conversation between Danny Lennon (Sigma Nutrition) and Dan Pardi, PhD. is one that will forever change your views on the importance of sleep. An absolute must-listen!

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